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It is widely known that, when it comes to our midsection, you need to be in pretty good shape just to do a few sit-ups. The Ab Chisel invites the user to stand, kneel or even just sit in an upright position while using the device. By changing the orientation of the device to the user, different muscles in the user’s midsection can be precisely targeted in a way never before possible. With the striking innovation that allows us use of different resistance bands, users of all ages and fitness levels can start at a point at which they are comfortable, happy, and healthy, and where they may gradually increase resistance as desired.

What if you’re in good shape? With the strongest band in place, even heavyweight users will feel the burn!

The theory of the device before it was invented was to focus on the abs while eliminating the lower back and neck pain that is common with horizontal abdominal exercises. The Ab Chisel works excellent as a total core toner - that is, it works for abs as well as arms, back and shoulders.

We’re sure that after using the Ab Chisel just a couple of times, you will discover a soreness of muscles in your midsection that you were unaware you even had! When that realization comes, we are entirely confident that you will become a life long member in the Ab Chisel Army.

If you can stand upright - we can get your abs tight

Standing up just makes sense. Horizontal sit ups are hard on your lower back and strain your neck, we know. That's why we invented an ab exerciser that made core toning much easier.

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