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Low Impact Exercise Equipment

The best device for the rest of your life!

The Ab Chisel proves all other abdominal exercises outdated and obsolete. This patent-pending device was developed out of the frustrations with the current options of ab equipment and core workouts. Most ab machines ether don’t work well or are too difficult for beginners to master. With the Ab Chisel, it’s a simple process: the user can choose a resistance band suited to their needs. Though bands for advanced strength training are included, the device is outstandingly well-suited for seniors and for beginners as well. Using a lightweight band and preforming more reps will encourage the user’s body to burn more fat and get a cardio workout. With the strongest band in place—or the strongest you can handle!—and fewer reps, the user will tighten stomach muscles much quicker. If you start slow and work your way up, you’ll make the best progress you can. You may even discover muscles you never knew existed!

What type of person will benefit the most from using this piece of exercise equipment?

People looking for low impact exercise equipment will get an exceptionally easy start with this tool. The beginner will gain momentum and increase strength quickly while getting a full body workout. Similarly, the Ab Chisel will also prove to be one of the best exercises for seniors. Why is this a great senior workout? The device can be used while standing, sitting or kneeling. The user can focus precisely on upper abs, lower abs or obliques. Core exercises are very important for both seniors and youth to perform, as the muscles in the core are critical for stability and balance. Use the device as a gentle balance exercise for seniors. Add years of mobility with the low intensity workout it provides. Getting older sucks, but it beats the alternative!

How do we compare with other ab machines? 

We have studied the other workout equipment and ab equipment extensively and feel that this can beat them all. The few that work well are either very hard to use, like the ab rollers and ab wheels, or are very expensive to own, like the ab coaster machine and other types of larger and more heavy duty ab equipment. To compare to other ab exercise equipment, look into the ab dolly, Ab Doer 360, ab rocker and ab twist machines. 

How does the Ab Chisel compare to other general techniques?

If you have time and the energy, check out these other techniques we’ve found:

Vertical leg crunches, reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, side crunches, frog crunches, planks, normal crunches, Russian twists, and sit ups. None of these require a purchase, but most require the user to be in good shape. 

You may assume the Ab Chisel to be too much work to invest in when you have all these alternatives at your disposal, but our customers agree that they really can’t compare. Place it to your side and get the best oblique exercise of your life. Place it in front with the base away from your body and get a phenomenal upper ab workout. Place the base at your feet and extend your arms for a lower ab workout—you’ll receive an epic ab crunch that you won’t soon forget!

The biggest bonus we’ve found is how well the Ab Chisel works for a user to get a great full body workout. The Ab Chisel can function as a pull up alternative in addition to a replacement for arm workouts, lat workouts, shoulder workouts, rotator cuff exercises, and stretching for people needing to rehab shoulders or joints. 

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